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The Warm Afternoon Tea

Tea Light is a re-design and upgraded to Teelicht, a warmer for teapot. The overall shape is formed by a stretched hexahedron cutting into two halves which fit each other with a continuous curve. The gap in the middle ensures the air circulation and stabilizes the air flow. A hexagon is formed by circular cutting on top for a balanced aesthetic appreciation.  

Power Smooth

Power smooth is a home energy storage device developed by the designer for Guangdong DYNAVOLT Power Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015. The shape is inspired by the surging wave which power also accumulates bit by bit and will eventually reach its peak. Regular change cutting on surface is adopted as the main design method in accordance with the concept of “surging”. Functionally, power smooth is connected to the community grid, the surplus electricity can be sold.

Apollinaris Teapot Design

  This project was commissioned by Apollinaris of Germany, a company selling potable water, to design a special teapot representing their corporate identity in September 2005. Multiple access to the handle is one of the spotlights in my design. I was inspired by the Chinese tradition that people serves for each other when having tea.  

Tchibo Design Competition

This spoon is designed for children and patient who has difficulty on taking liquid medicine. It’s awarded the first prize in Tchibo Design Competition on August 2010. Tchibo, a Germen company which sponsors design competitions on daily product, bears love of human and life in their products.

Frauhofer Project

This project was recommended by Prof. Kramer to develop new product series on Zink with Frauhofer, a metal research center in Bremen, in October 2005. My rocket egg holder, with perfect combination of the egg and the holder, was chosen and gone to production.

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