Architecture and Space

Amsterdam box

This is a design about light and shadow. How to let light penetrate and interweave in the space is the core issue of the design. Soft light with solid shadow, flexible wood-plastic board to stiff stainless steel, match together for a rich sensory experience. This space lays on an incline of 25 degrees with the bottom surface raised. Rote Treppe, a stair also from the designer has been used as a connection. The purple light tube added to the ground suspension takes care of the plants under the floor. It is a space for rest, gathering, meditation and sharing.    

Rot Treppe Stair Design

With help of Lioydwerft, Rot Treppe was finished in October 2005, which means a perfect end of my study in Germany. I applied parallelogram theory in this stair design that leaves out of traditional handrail and full of resilience. It was awarded as creative design in competition held by Germany Steel Association in 2006, and also reported on Core 77 in July 2007 and appears more on different design website after that. Recently I found it appears on 2 Czech architects’ website that was applied in their interior design.

Landscape Unit Design in Niu Tian Yang

This design project, as part of the municipal landscape planning, locates on the bam between coastal wetlands and Shantou Sea in Niu Tian Yang. The building is mainly for tourist taking rest and drinks, and also as an observation deck. Aiming to build a landmark in Niu Tian Yang, I provide 2 options for the mayor and judges. Finally plan B was chosen for its harmonious in combining stairs and lawn, and its slim and graceful of glass walls.

Comprehensive Plan of Chaoshan Wharf

This wharf plan was finished on October 2011, which is part of the Shantou city planning. The area of 90000m2, used to be a harbor in the late 1900s, was divided into people square, yacht club and Chaoshan traditional culture square, under the concept of combining commercial and public. My design needs to cover the functional division, route plan, tourist spots plan, and main building facada.

CIDC interior design

Draft design of CIDC interior was finished in May 2012. There are 4 concerns in my design. 1. How to balance two functional spaces, meeting room and working room? 2. What’s the ventilation solution for the space without any window? 3. What’s the visual identify element for space division? 4. How to hide the storage space technically? And my solutions are as follows. 1. Place two functional spaces on each side of the corridor right from the main gate without any hard partition, and the main gate is made of glass for sunshine to go through. 2. Use of frosted glass and semi partition to create good ventilation. 3. Application of wooden veneering in outward and inward to separate spaces. I call it sausage-cutting solution. 4. To rise the reading space and get the storage room beneath it.

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