Second Life Exhibition Space Design

Invited by 29th International FAMOUS Furniture Fair (DongGuan) Committee, I designed and joined this exhibition in March 2013, named as Second Life. Because all works showed there were re-design of existing furniture parts from my students. All materials for building the display space came from leftovers of bending plywood. The whole exhibition, not only shows different design ideas on leftover materials, but also emphasizes concepts of environmental design.

White & Blue Exhibition Space Design

Invited by Shantou University (STU), I designed and executed an exhibition for Antarctica Expedition in the new administration center in June 2013. The Antarctica Expedition is a practical program of research for STU representatives, fully support by Li Ka Shing Foundation. They approved of my first proposal and increased the budget for this exhibition. However they also raised the expectation and requirement, which raised also the requirements of producing techniques. This successful exhibition design was solely applied the principle of 2 Dimension into 3 Dimension. One of the biggest attraction is the presentation of the whole skeleton.

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