Mechanical Equipment

The Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

The solar panel cleaning robot is an intelligent cleaning equipment developed in cooperation with Plinus Green Technology Co., Ltd. “2 to 3 Innovation ” design theory, which is proposed by the Haoyu Li Academic Team, has been successfully applied in the whole process of product development. In this design, innovation thinking and practice works together to explore more possibilities of a green society. It solves the problem of low energy conversion rate of outdoor solar panels caused by sand and dust coverage, and also solves 2 big problems of high manual cleaning cost and poor cleaning effect in the large photovoltaic production area. The dry and wet cleaning methods, and 24-hour automatic cleaning service it provided have greatly improved the production capacity of solar energy and thus provided users with green energy. In terms of design, through restrained design language and minimalist modular design, we strive to bring users the ultimate sensory experience. In addition, emotional design, lightweight design, and intelligent design are also organically integrated into the development of this device, committed to creating a more comfortable and nice interaction experience. Fully automatic sensing and intelligently judging whether cleaning is required, detecting the edge of the solar panel and automatically…

Power Smooth

Power smooth is a home energy storage device developed by the designer for Guangdong DYNAVOLT Power Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015. The shape is inspired by the surging wave which power also accumulates bit by bit and will eventually reach its peak. Regular change cutting on surface is adopted as the main design method in accordance with the concept of “surging”. Functionally, power smooth is connected to the community grid, the surplus electricity can be sold.

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