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4 Seasons

“4 Seasons” is a table designed for the home furnishing brand Yiyu.To form the figure, the design work of this table is basing on the Innovative Application Principles from 2 to 3 (stretching, rotating, and moving from one surface to another). with an expanded quadrilateral stretching upwards by rotating around the center, which is associate with the process of twisting upwards during plant growth. A pure form is close to eternity, showcasing a vibrant beauty of vitality, finally, forming a space that stores the rhythm of life. The table legs can be divided into four parts, just as the four seasons rotating, also it can be divided into two parts for various combinations, having rich possibilities in the design extension process. The expression of materials reflects times and years.

Shejiang armchair

It is a creation that improves the craftsmanship and replaces the old with the new. Its characteristics are simple and comfortable, complete and clean. The improved armchair has changed the actual binding process, and a perfect circle has synthesized the main beam of the armrest and backrest. One ring solves the load-bearing problem of the backrest, armrest, and two legs. The other parts are five curves; the most extended curve becomes an essential part of its load bearing and solves the support problem. The product has undergone process improvement and innovation. The original processing method is to cut the 3.5 meters long rattan into small pieces and then piece them together. The improved rattan chair makes full use of the highly bendable characteristic of the rattan material, showing the perfect curve endowed by the rattan and saving Material. It is a design work with a mission of inheriting innovative traditional handicrafts.

Shejiang curved lounge chair

It is an investigation design of creative style. The designer inspected Dongyun Rattan Ware Factory and discovered its unique craftsmanship, using double or triple strands of rattan sticking and winding side by side for support, making the product very strong. Therefore, the re-creation is carried out through a concise design language to reflect the shadow of the unique craftsmanship of Dongyun Rattan Ware Factory. On the critical issues of load-bearing and durability, the rattan factory’s rich production experience for many years has given us many excellent reference solutions. We used four enclosed rattans for structural interpenetration and bonding and experimented with testing how to produce a relaxing effect, and finally, the Shejiang Qu Lounge Chair was born. The continuous lines are like beautiful music, full of rhythm and rhythm, showing the fluency of succession and transition, precisely the characteristic of rattan that distinguishes it from other materials. The material’s toughness also contains the traditional cultural spirit of the Chinese people, who are strong when they are strong and weak when they are weak. It is a design work with a mission of inheriting innovative traditional handicrafts.

LOL Baby

The creative inspiration comes from the baby and the little elephant. It re-interprets the two-dimensional Internet ridicule of “Laughing Baby” and reconstructs a three-dimensional visual image made of leather and stainless steel. The estrangement between heterogeneous cultures has given a new idea and vitality to the Internet buzzword “Laughing Baby.” The overall shape refines and polishes foam models based on ergonomics to ensure comfort; it is still a work of art with a moderate volume when it is not as a chair.

Tea three wine four kick peach two

This work uses the creative technique of “culture reveal” to turn traditional culture into visible products and objects widely appreciated in life. “Tea three wine four kick peach two” is a unique cultural custom in the Chaoshan area, which means that the ideal number of people to drink gongfu tea is three, drinking is four people, and the best thing to play is two, we solidify it in four drawers, three patterns, left and right two crane legs. The cabinet is made of walnut throughout, the proportions were adjusted according to the golden section, and the pattern comes from the window pattern of ancient gardens.

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