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Ring a life | Promise of your life,the Red dot award

On March 9, Associate Professor Li Haoyu, director of Cheung Kong Industrial Design Center of Shantou University, received a notice that his design “Ring a life” won the Red Dot Design Award in 2018.   “Ring a life” with good wishes of a promise from Shantou University, was designed by the Cheung Kong Industrial Design Center and manufactured by CHJ Jewellery, for all 2017 Shantou University graduates.925 silver was adopted for this tailored made ring and a unique student number was sculptured inside by laser cutting. The ring is designed with the design method of extending and rotating. The shape was created by growing STU from a small beginning into a mighty with a circle end. It is a precisely calculated conch cut surface. With a slight rotation, you can see the English abbreviation “STU” of Shantou University. Thanks to the 3D digital modeling technology and 3D molding machines, this design can be realized.   Supported by CHJ Jewellery, this design was appointed by Shantou University to Prof. Li Haoyu. During the design and production process, continuous support and advices were offered by STU leaders and colleagues from Student Affairs Department. With all support and help, the design of the…

Xiao Ya | Ear of the home, center of the table

Gables, is called ‘cuo tou jiao’ in chaoshan dialect, meaning ear of the home. The towering and tall ‘cuo tou jiao’ is the conspicuous element of Chaoshan traditional houses, and a symbol to recognize home.     This ‘cuo tou jiao’ is the key element in Prof. Haoyu Li’s design of this salt & pepper shaker set, which makes it realized that Chaoshan people can carry part of his home wherever he is all over the world. This set contains 2 shakers, 1 shaker holder and a tissue holder, which all inspired by the Chaoshan traditional architecture elements.     The unique and traditional Chaoshan culture is reflected across its food, language and architecture. The harmonious and balance of 5 elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth from Feng Shui is always emphasized among them, so as in the building of ‘cuo tou jiao’. A rounder and wider shape represents Gold. A rounder but straighter represents Wood. A curving wave top represents Water. A closed angle top represents Fire, and a shorter but slimmer shape represents Earth. For better functional and shaping concern, a Gold ‘cuo tou jiao’ was chose and applied in the design of 2 shakers.  …

Air Guard | A three-year project shaping and development

Haze has become known in recent years,Chai Jing, a well-known media person, once had a speech calling for governance of air pollution.If we are determined to control pollution, an instrument that can easily and precisely analyze the air quality will do a great help.     Under such preconditions,we have developed a product that can detect five harmful gases.This product project planning include how to detect gas composition and clearly display test data. We name it Air Guard (AG).     We discussed product design with our clientfrom five perspectives. First of all,on the issue of carrying methods, because the device is over-sized, is it necessary to install wheels for easier transportation? Secondly,we need to consider both device security and user security at the same time.Thirdly,in the use of materials, we need to consider the characteristics of materials such as plastics, stainless steel, aluminum products, and silicone products.Fourthly, user friendly factors including control panel, handle, shape, font and size of words and numbers on the screen. Last but not least, consideration for the reduce of noise, relfection of materials besides efficient and comfortable use are also taken into account.     In order to become a product with market competitiveness,…

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