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Dignified Chair

This work is a re-design to the rose chair, a traditional pattern in the Ming Dynasty and combined with Ulm grid design method. It is officially pointed as the chair in the exhibitions of “Dunhuang Mural Art Treasure in University” and “Maritime Silk Road in Chaoshan ” held in Shantou University in 2018. Limited edition I & II are sold to collectors from Hamburg, Germany. III to XII are available at present, displayed in Shantou Piano Museum. In addition, combined with the modern life style that people use mobile phone frequently, basing on the eaves design of architecture, two eaves are added to the front of the armrests on both sides of the chair, the users can put their arms on the two sides while they use their mobile phone.It is more comfortable and effortless.    

Great Wall On The Table

This foldable file box is made as a re-design to SISO based on the principle of easy transportation and space saving. To enhance its portable feature, 3-5 pieces unfolded as a package unit is recommended for sale. The idea came from the Chinese traditional paper folding. A shape like the Great Wall has been adopted as an interaction between designer and user. Everyone can build up his own shape of Great Wall on table in his way, with different colors and floors.    

The Warm Afternoon Tea

Tea Light is a re-design and upgraded to Teelicht, a warmer for teapot. The overall shape is formed by a stretched hexahedron cutting into two halves which fit each other with a continuous curve. The gap in the middle ensures the air circulation and stabilizes the air flow. A hexagon is formed by circular cutting on top for a balanced aesthetic appreciation.  

Amsterdam box

This is a design about light and shadow. How to let light penetrate and interweave in the space is the core issue of the design. Soft light with solid shadow, flexible wood-plastic board to stiff stainless steel, match together for a rich sensory experience. This space lays on an incline of 25 degrees with the bottom surface raised. Rote Treppe, a stair also from the designer has been used as a connection. The purple light tube added to the ground suspension takes care of the plants under the floor. It is a space for rest, gathering, meditation and sharing.    

Power Smooth

Power smooth is a home energy storage device developed by the designer for Guangdong DYNAVOLT Power Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015. The shape is inspired by the surging wave which power also accumulates bit by bit and will eventually reach its peak. Regular change cutting on surface is adopted as the main design method in accordance with the concept of “surging”. Functionally, power smooth is connected to the community grid, the surplus electricity can be sold.

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